Big Red Robe Oolong Tea
The Finest Oolong Tea in the World

Big Red Robe Oolong Tea

Organic Oolong tea is a full, delicious brew that is derived from the common tea plant Camellia sinesis, the same plant that the other Big Red Robe Oolong Teateas are created from.  Oolong is around 40% oxidized which puts this tea between the smooth flavors of black tea and the strong, vegetal flavors of green tea.  Folklore tells a story of the accidental discovery of this tea in ancient China by Wu Long, a tea craftsman.  Before starting his daily tea harvest, Wu Long began a brew of tea. During the harvest Wu Long got distracted watching a deer in the distance as he was astounded by its beauty. By the time Wu Long got back to his tea it had already been oxidized further than he intended, and he loved this new redish, full flavored brew.

Unlike most loose leaf teas, Oolong tea remains excellent and sometimes even gets better through multiple steeping. Each time the tea is brewed using the same leaves, Big Red Robethe brew reveals new layers of flavors and aroma.  Unveiling the flavor layers of loose leaf Oolong tea is a favorite hobby of many tea enthusiasts.  Some Oolong tea lovers even keep diaries, logs and blogs of the many flavors that they find in the same Oolong leaves.

Oolong tea has many health benefits.  Oolong contains the chemical substance polyphenol which helps prevent cancer. Oolong is also known to promote healthy skin, hair and helps reduce stress with its calming qualities.

The most famous and highest quality of all Oolong tea is known as Big Red Robe Oolong tea.  This high quality tea has been used since ancient times and was served mainly to Chinese royalty. Big Red Robe Oolong is still one of the most sought after teas in the world and only the finest tea estates are able to produce this quality of tea.

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